While many rooms are designed with everyone's interests and activities in mind, bedrooms provide a welcome contrast to the ethos of a shared space - they are a place to relax and unwind that also feel personalized, intimate, and unique to whoever sleeps there. 
Lately, we are seeing a trend of enviable bedrooms on our Instagram feed. They all have something in common: peace and personality. These bedrooms are sophisticated, soothing, and peaceful, with the  signature metallic Juju pop that provides character and edge. We took at a guess at the personalities of the clients who sleep in each room below. 
RTG Designs, Photographed by Kiely Ramos
From RTG Designs, this bold statement wall adds dimension and that 'wow' factor to a smaller bedroom without taking up any valuable physical space. The furniture is understated and sophisticated, and our Bomba pattern lets anyone who sees this room know that the person who sleeps there also has an edgy style. 
Photographed by Rachel Winton
We adore this application of Barn Owls and Hollyhocks, our collaboration with illustrator and author, Carson Ellis. A glamorous feature, with Barn Owl's subtle old world charm, was designed by Liberty Interiors. We suspect that whoever sleeps in this room values traditional style, but is firmly grounded in haute contemporary design. 
Photo from  Kelle Contine
Using Palea in Gold on Cream above, Kelle Contine creates a light, peaceful atmosphere, with just a touch of that gold magic - an amazing way to encourage tranquil retreat from the everyday. We are guessing that the person who sleeps here appreciates a quiet and clean aesthetic, but finds inspiration in the chaos and beauty of nature. 
Photographed by  Rachel Winton 
Another amazing Bomba install in gunmetal on navy from Liberty Interiors. This children's bedroom has an elemental simplicity that is appropriate and practical for someone younger, while Bomba screams "WILD AT HEART". This room is ready to grow with whoever sleeps there.
RTG Designs, Photographed by Kiely Ramos
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August 19, 2020 by Lindsay Kretchun