How to use ONE ROLL of wallpaper: Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair offers tips on how to use Juju for a home accents

A lot of people write to me because they love Juju, but they can't commit to wallpapering the walls either because of their renters status, or because of the expense of multiple rolls. Barb Blair offers some great alternatives to "the whole room" by adding splashes of pattern into the decor. Check out this piece that she made with Juju Papers' A View of the Woods in White. It only used one roll! [caption id="attachment_428" align="alignnone" width="278"]Barb Blair's Chest with Juju Papers Barb Blair's Chest with Juju PapersFM1[/caption]    
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Yours truly, front and center In Sunset with alongside Patrick Long. Perfectly Normal.

If you want the inside scoop on "The Real Portland", then get a load of this feature in the Travel section of Sunset Magazine this month. (September 2013). My pal Patrick Long,,  and I, blab about the best places to go in Portland. This article contains some serious MUGGING! JUJUSUNSETOCT2013     TRIO100dpi      
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The Diner Journal!

Some of you may already know the Diner Journal, founded by the good people that brought you Diner and Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg. It is food as told by a contemporary voice that hasn't been edited to death. Anyhoo! I did some illustrations and collage for their latest issue, Number 24. The incredibly talented Tom Dean of Lostwoods Prints did the front and back cover, and I did the inside flaps along with the collage for a story titled Nonnie. Here are some of the recipes featured in this edition
Bone Marrow Toast w/ Lobster Salad , Beer Braised Rabbit, Farro Soup w/ Poached Oysters + Roasted Mushrooms,
Roasted Grapefruit Granita
I love this quarterly!
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Trends in Wallpaper Article, Trend Curve

Janice Carlson at Trend Curve got input from myself, Cole and Sons, and York about what's driving the current wallpaper ":>{:{+_CRAZE}{}{_+_}+_)}+{}{}. We had a lot of different perspectives, which you can read about below. Thanks for the article!  
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This bedroom could be your life

Sometimes my clients send me photos that are too good to keep to myself! I love this simple and contemporary Vancouver, BC bedroom. Thanks to Karen Boriss for sharing these beautiful photos with us. Photography by Ivan Hunter. 

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apartment therapy, "Best New wallpapers from icff" - Juju's Sou'Wester

It was awesome to have our new design, The Sou'wester, to be considered one of Apartment Therapy's favorite wallpapers from ICFF. Thanks so much, Nancy!
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I love this lady! Karen Combs of Nama Rococo

I really admire Karen Combs' beautiful line of wallpapers. So much that when I first saw her work I went to North Adams to meet her in person. Sure, she probably thought that I was a little creepy . . . but now we're buds! You can truly see how I get my dork on. Thanks for the pic, Karen. XO

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Two New Patterns from ICFF That Our Walls Need Now. Thanks Pop Sugar!

Here is a sweet article about our two new patterns on Pop Sugar. Thanks!   [caption id="attachment_359" align="aligncenter" width="957"] Pop Sugar Article[/caption]
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