Waving - Gold on Charcoal - Commercial Wallcovering

Price upon request


Type II Mylar

Priced by the square foot

Repeat: 33.3 inch straight repeat

54 inch product width, 50 inch pattern width

Maximum bolt length 50 yards

Lead time:  1-2 weeks for a strikeoff, 3-4 weeks for production

Rush services available

Made in the USA


Fire rating ASTM E84 : Class A 

Custom colors and patterns available

How much to order

Type II Mylar hanging instructions

Type II Mylar Spec Sheet 

Care and cleaning

Description: A billowing stripe depicting rippling curtains or fabric; it also hints at the rising and falling surf. Three colorways: gold on cream, gold on charcoal, celeste [blue] on cream.




Cultivating negative space is hard in real life. In real life there are so many things placed in the line of view. Even in a forest, especially in a forest. There is negative space in the desert, if you can call it that since the sky becomes a subject, and the sand or the ground, an object.

Whitewash, a whiteout. That's negative space but it's forced, nothing is given a chance. Thoughts come alive in the dark. Negative space is for the choosers and the arrangers of the world. For the piano practicers.