Bomba - Gold on Cream - Residential Coated Wallpaper

$ 230.00


Residential Wallpaper Dimensions

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Pattern repeat: 36 inches

Pattern match: Half drop repeat

Material: Residential grade coated paper

Commercial grade options available

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Hand printed in the USA


Fire rating: Class A interior wall and ceiling finish category, ASTM E84

Custom colors and patterns available

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Description: Improvisational composition of lively scribbles, dashes, zig zags, waves, and scrawling lines. Thatcher took her cues from handwritten signatures, the ultimate individual mark-making. Five two-tone metallic colorways: Gold on Cream, Gold on Charcoal, Diamonds and Pearls on Cream, Gunmetal on Navy, Gunmetal on Blush, Gunmetal on Cream.




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