Goldendale - Gold on Charcoal - Residential Coated Wallpaper

$ 230.00


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Pattern repeat: 36 inches

Pattern match: Half drop repeat

Material: Residential grade coated paper

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Hand printed in the USA


Fire rating: Class A interior wall and ceiling finish category, ASTM E84

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Description: Inspired by the landscape and biome of Klickitat County, Washington, Goldendale is a stacked, geometric wallpaper pattern consisting of simple shapes, hand cut and arranged from wood rubbings made from fallen Ponderosa Pine and Western White Oak found along a part of the Little Klickitat River where forest meets the grasslands. 

Goldendale connotes order and geometry, while at the same time evoking the warmth and fecundity of the forest. Rendered in glossy metallics and flat taupe, Goldendale is available in Gold on White, Gold on Charcoal, Gunmetal on White, and Taupe on White.




Bratten wagon Texas 1888. house, barn, well. Mr., died. Mrs., five daughters, 10 miles to Goldendale. alfalfa, barley, cows, hogs fattened on acorns, milk-barley. daughter marries Morgan. wheat, alfalfa, cattle, no children. niece marries Collins, second house, several children. one slipped, rocks, waterfall, beau. fowl play, never proved.