Has there been a little wallpaper project on your list all year? Are you eager to get a great Black Friday deal, but don't want to spend your money on a bunch of junk that you don't feel proud of? Now is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of a room makeover with our unique, artisan hand-printed wallpaper! 

It's time for the Juju Papers Black Friday ----> Cyber Monday Sale! Take 30% off of your wallpaper order using the code BLACKLIGHT. 

Sale begins Black Friday (Nov 24th) and ends the day after Cyber Monday, Tuesday Nov 28th

Need help figuring out how much wallpaper you need? Don't even know where to begin with wallpaper? NO WORRIES. Please email us at sales@jujupapers.com and we will take care of you. We help wallpaper first-timers all day every day! We will ask you some quick basic questions that will allow you to get your wallpaper ordered fast. 

Juju Papers is a small woman-owned Portland, OR wallpaper company. We print everything by hand in the USA and use all sustainable materials, including water based inks. We say skip the big box sales and spend guiltlessly on a product that you can be proud of this weekend!

Sorry, we can not offer price adjustments to any previously purchased wallpapers. This sale can not be combined with any other discounts or offers, including trade discounts. 

CLOSEOUT SPECIALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to offer some great end of year closeout specials. Here at Juju, we print everything small batch. When we print one run of one color and pattern, it is called a "dye lot". Often, we start printing a new dye lot before the old dye lot is totally sold out. As a result, we are sometimes left with some rolls left over from an old dye lot. These are perfectly good rolls of wallpaper - the only catch is that these are the only rolls from this dye lot, meaning that if you needed more wallpaper, you would have to order it from a different dye lot. Is this a problem? Not usually, but technically we can not guarantee that our inks will match perfectly between dye lots since all of our inks are mixed by hand. This is perfect for smaller projects that only require a few rolls. Need help with your roll count? Email us at sales@jujupapers.com with the height and width of your wall(s), and we will tell you how much you need.  

The prices below are in single rolls, but will be shipped as double rolls. More info about that and roll size here. In order to purchase any of the dye lots below, please drop us a line at sales@jujupapers.com and we will send you an easy click and pay invoice.   

Prices are all $100/single roll (50% off). Can not be combined with any other discounts. 

 Happy Holidays from all of us at Juju HQ!

Sisters of the Sun Diamonds on Cream
2 rolls
3 rolls
Sisters of the Sun Gunmetal on Blush
4 rolls
Sisters of the Sun Acid Green res vinyl
8 rolls
Cle Elum Silver and Gold on Charcoal
1 roll
Cle Elum Denim on Cream
4 rolls
Chinterwink Gloaming Neon Orange and Han Purple (Sunset) on Cream
3 rolls
Chinterwink Gold on Cream
2 rolls
Salad Days Navy and Red on Cream
1 roll
 Salad Days Quartz and Celadon on Cream
8 rolls total
A View of the Woods: Coquelicot and Mink on Cream
6 rolls total
Indian Summer Lilac and Charcoal on Cream
5 rolls
Family Reunion Aquatic and Gold on Cream
3 roll bolt
Big Moon Gold on Charcoal
2 rolls
Ibo Gold on Cream
1 roll
1 roll
1 single roll
1 double roll (separate dye lots)
Hoya Diamonds and Pearls (Pale Silver) on Cream
5 rolls
2 rolls
Pascal Gold on Charcoal
1 roll