The following information regarding specifications and/or hanging advice (either verbal or written) is supplied in good faith, for your assistance, but without guarantee, since site conditions are beyond our control. We can accept no liability for the perfor- mance of the products arising out of such use.

A professional paper hanger is recommended to best asses the ideal installation specifications based on your unique environment. For a professional paper hanger in your area please consult the National Guild of Professional Paper Hangers (NGPP): http://www.ngpp.org/

We recommend that the paper order quantities, or "roll counts", be carefully calculated. If you are using a professional hanger, they will provide this service. Please refer to the NGPP website for further instructions on measuring for wallpaper. http://www.ngpp.org/consumers_wallpaper_faq.php Please take special note that most Juju patterns have a 36" repeat, and several have a half-drop. This should be taken into account when calculating quantity, as a half-drop of this size typically necessitates an increase in quantity.

We inspect every roll and every order of Juju Papers before shipping. However, the buyer/installer should carefully examine this wallpaper for color, design, quantity, and imperfections before installing. Ensure that all rolls are part of the same order, have no variation in color, and that there are enough rolls to complete the job.

Examination of the paper before hanging is the buyer's responsibility. If any errors in the aforementioned are found, we ask that you submit the claim for review within two weeks of having received the wallpaper. Once cut, no claims for return may be made.

Surface Preparation:

Walls should be clean, dry, and even. Remove any old wallpaper and loose paint. There should be no mold, grease, or dirt present. Roughen painted surfaces with sandpaper. Scrape powdery, flaky surfaces. New plaster should be completely dry.

Wall surfaces should be primed and then prep-coated using a latex wallpaper prep coat and allowed to dry completely before beginning installation.

In some cases, or for a superior installation, a liner paper may be recommended. It is at the discretion of your paper hanger whether this step is necessary/recommended for your installation. For superior results, a liner paper is recom- mended.

Dark wallpapers may need their edges colored with a paint/pencil of similar tone.


Juju Papers are designed for a butted seam installation. All wallpapers are supplied untrimmed.

There are three basic ways to cut the wallpaper: Table trim dry, table trim wet, or double cut trim. Your paper hanger will choose the best trimming method for your particular job.

A "trim join" mark is printed inside the pattern on both edges. Before trimming and cutting drops, ensure that you know the repeat and match.


1) Mark your first vertical plumb line on the wall for your first drop seam.

2) Cut your wallpaper strip longer than the wall height you intend to cover.


A professional-quality, clear, pre-mixed, adhesive wallpaper paste should be used. A professional paper hanger will choose an appropriate paste for your unique site. Please take the time to pre-test the compatibility of the adhesive you choose with our paper, especially on patterns which contain metallic inks, and allow the paper to dry completely to ensure that the adhesive is performing satisfactorily.

3) Apply an even film of paste to the back of the paper, moving the paste brush or applicator from the center to the edge. 4) Fold moistened strip paste-to-paste. Anticipated soaking time is 3-5 minutes, depending on conditions, but a professional hanger should be able to gauge the appropriate soak time. It should be enough time for the paper to relax, absorb moisture, and expand fully. Care should be taken not to excessively crease the paper when folding. Minimize adhesive contact with the surface of the wallpaper. Gently remove any adhesive on the surface of the paper with a soft, damp, clean, sponge.


5) Carry the wallpaper to the wall. Slide the drop into position along the vertical plumb line on the wall.
6) Smooth out bubbles using a paper hangers' smoother, from center to the edges, expelling all air bubbles. Avoid squeezing paste out of joints. Take extra care with metallic inks, since excessive rubbing and wear can cause the inks to loosen. Hanging does not require excessive pressure.
7) Take care to ensure that all adhesive residue is completely wiped from the surface, as leftover paste may stain the wallpaper. Gently use a damp sponge and clean water. Excessive brushing can cause burnishing.
8)Trim top and bottom with a professional-grade straight edge and a professional-grade, new, sharp, razor knife. Always re-check for adhesive on surface.
9) Using pattern match at baseboard and ceiling as reference, determine the length of your next strip, allowing for extra trimming for pattern match. Take extra care when using a wallpaper with a half-drop repeating pattern to match the pattern correctly.Then follow the Steps 3-8.
10) Gently roll butted seams with a seam roller.
11) Repeat Steps 3-10 for all remaining strips of wallpaper.
12) Allow adequate ventilation and time to dry naturally.


In general, clean surface using a soft duster. Juju Papers are spot washable by gently using a solution of mild dish soap and water on a soft towel or sponge. After cleaning, rinse with water. Do not rub excessively or scrub, as this can cause burnishing. If you encounter a tough stain, you can test a non-bleach kitchen cleanser in an inconspicuous area and assess the results. If it does not remove the varnish from the paper or otherwise change the appearance, then gently apply the cleanser to the stained area following the instructions above.

This information regarding specifications and/or hanging advice (either verbal or written) is supplied in good faith, for your assistance, but without guarantee, since site conditions are beyond our control. We can accept no liability for the performance of the products arising out of such use.

Hanging instructions generously provided by Mitchell Ehrlich. He is our preferred installer in the greater NYC area.

Mitchell Ehrlich LLC
Offce: 201 722 0490
Cell: 201 370 1176 mitchellehrlichpaperhanging@gmail.com

Returns: In general, we do not except returns. If you believe your product to be defective and it has not been cut, please contact us within two weeks of having received your wallpaper, and we will review your issue.

Sale of Goods: We sell all of our products with the belief that they are of suitable quality and will serve their intended purpose. You as the customer must take into account your particular situation and the conditions of the intended site. Any and all defects must be reported immediately when discovered. Our liability will not exceed the value of the products in question. We are not liable for loss of profits and consequential, financial, or other losses.