Looking for a sample, or multiple samples, of our cement tile for your next project? You can order full tile samples here. Once ordered, you will receive full 8” x 9” x ⅝” tiles. If you do not have a budget for purchasing full tile samples, or if you are looking to save space, you can order what is called a tear sheet for only the cost of shipping. A tear sheet is an 8.5” x 11” piece of cardstock, which contains all of the necessary specs and technical information about our tiles, and also includes full-scale, detailed, hi-res photos of all side of the tiles. Please drop us a line at sales@jujupapers.com, and we are happy to send you an invoice for the tear sheet shipping.

Members of the trade: We offer discount full tile samples, and free tear sheets to members of the trade. Do you already have a trade account? If so, just drop us a line at sales@jujupapers.com and we will get you set up with your samples. If you haven’t created a trade account, you can either follow this link, or drop us a line at sales@jujupapers.com, and we will set you up! Please include your credentials.