Trapeze - Black - Blue - SAMPLE

$ 16.70


1 square foot = 2.7 tiles

Individual tile dimensions:  8” x 9” x ⅝”

Minimum order for each tile individual tile color is 12 tiles (4.4 square feet). Orders must be placed in increments of 12 tiles per tile type in order to ensure that the tiles and packaged and shipped correctly and to minimize breakage.

Lead time is 6-10 weeks depending on quantity

We recommend ordering 10%-15% over the square footage required for standard overage. 10% on average will cover waste from cuts during installation, but we also recommend order a bit extra for 2-3% of breakage that might occur during handling of the material. 

Each tile weighs 3 lb.

Hydraulic pressed handmade cement encaustic tiles

Appropriate for residential and commercial applications

Wear Layer is ⅛”. Total thickness ⅝”

Handmade product - look for quality but not perfection in color, tone, thickness and edges. 2-3% breakage during shipping and handling of materials is considered normal.

Price does not include shipping, which is calculated at checkout. However, if you are placing a large order, we recommend that you request a shipping quote, to see if you qualify for a volume shipping discount. 



Custom coloring available

Not pre-sealed or glazed

Rated for both indoor and outdoor installations

Not appropriate for areas subject to freezing temperatures

Manufactured in Mexico. FOB Laredo, Texas. 



Trapeze is installed by rotating each tile one turn to the left or right to create a seamless, random pattern. 


Slip-Testing: DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient Of Friction) AcuTest, as stated by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) ANSI A137.1-2012 averages at .65. 

Acid Resistance: Cement tiles are not resistant to acids and should be cleaned with pH neutral cleaners.
Breaking Strength: 789 LBF
Use in Wet areas: A high quality effective sealant must be used for shower, spa, or pool use.
Water Absorption Test: 9.5 to 10.5%